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The Research Centre for Biological Sciences has the mission to undertake scientific research, as well as carry out diffusion and promotion activities on basic and applied scientific research, training high quality human resources and addressing environmental needs in different areas of the biological sciences, impacting at regional, national and international levels.




To have an academic team formed by full time lecturers with the maximum qualification, recognized for the quality of their research at national and international level in the areas of their competence. Researchers work in consolidated academic groups with productive research lines of generation and application of knowledge. Researchers have networks of collaboration with national and international colleagues, which contribute to the training of highly qualified human resources (i.e. undergraduates and postgraduates) through training and mentoring schemes. Research projects are carried out with internal funding complemented by external financial support.


To contribute to the social environment development, through technological transfer programs, technical advice and scientific training, as well as diffusion and promotion of scientific activities, identifying strategies encouraging the promotion of knowledge, sustainable management and conservation of the environment.


To have the adequate infrastructure to support laboratories equipped with high technology, to ensure the development of high impact research and to share resources with other departments of the Division of Biological Sciences and other national and international instances in order to optimize the use of the laboratories and equipment available.

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